News: Take a red squirrel ramble with new digital walking routes

  A series of digitally guided walking routes have been launched by the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels project to help visitors and locals discover more about one of the country’s most iconic yet threatened mammals.   Known for their red squirrel populations, the selected sites will provide an opportunity for a wild […]

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Spotting squirrelpox: new sightings across Dumfries and Galloway

Squirrelpox Sighting

  As the weeks continue, Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels have received more sightings of sick red squirrels spreading further inland in Dumfries and Galloway.   A red squirrel has been reported by a member of the public as far as Gatehouse showing classic symptoms of the squirrelpox virus, suggesting that the disease has spread north west of the original outbreak between […]

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News: Dumfries residents can help red squirrels by hosting a trap in their garden

  A local Red Squirrel Group is calling on Dumfries residents to help protect the town’s red squirrels by taking part in a grey squirrel trap-loan scheme. The Lower Nithsdale Red Squirrel Group, in partnership with Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels, is asking residents to join a trap-loan scheme that will help prevent Dumfries from becoming […]

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News: Squirrelpox threatens red squirrels across Dumfries & Galloway’s Solway coast

Red squirrel with red sore over its eye

  Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels has confirmed that a squirrelpox outbreak is spreading along the Solway coast. Locals are urged to remain vigilant as this fatal disease could have serious consequences for the area’s red squirrel populations. In recent weeks at least 15 red squirrels have died as a result of squirrelpox, with more sick […]

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How many red squirrels are there in Scotland?

  Yesterday we published our 2018 squirrel survey report. It concluded that while red squirrel populations are stable in most parts of Scotland, in the south they continue to be threatened by disease and competition from the spread of non-native grey squirrels.   Many papers have reported that our survey only detected 59 red squirrels […]

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News: 2018 squirrel survey reveals the challenges ahead for Scotland’s red squirrels

  Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels has published the results of its 2018 annual survey, which indicate that while most of Scotland’s red squirrel populations remain stable, populations in southern Scotland remain under threat.   Since 2011, Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels has been monitoring squirrel populations in the parts of the country where red squirrels are […]

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Moving forward with the Red Squirrel Forum for South Scotland

Around 15 people gathered around tables in a hall with colourful bunting on the wall above

  The first ‘Red Squirrel Forum for South Scotland’ conference took place in Johnstonebridge on Saturday 27 October, bringing together the many volunteer groups and individuals working to protect red squirrels across the region.   The event was a significant step in our collective efforts to develop landscape-scale community action across South Scotland, which is […]

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