…few of its hairs. Volunteers must visit each feeder box in their tetrad four times during the survey period. They’ll refill the box with fresh bait, collect the hair sample and replace the sticky tab. It’s pretty straightforward! The hair samples are then returned to Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels for analysis.   Survey how-to videos          … […]

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Community Hub

Welcome to the Community Hub Community action is the key to the long-term survival of Scotland’s red squirrels. The Hub is a space for our supporters and volunteers to keep up to date with the project and connect with like-minded people working to protect local red squirrel populations. Registered users can keep track of their squirrel sightings, and join a… […]

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Coronavirus: Temporary suspension of SSRS non-essential volunteer work

…other volunteer work, including those participating in operational surveys, will be suspended until further notice.   The Trust will review these temporary suspensions in the New Year, as and when new Government guidelines are issued, and we will keep all of our volunteers full informed of any changes that arise. A member of the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels team will… […]

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This Year's Sightings