SSRS Knowledge Fair – contributors FAQs


The conference is taking place Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th December on the CrowdComms virtual conferencing platform.

Every presenter has the option to pre-record their presentation i.e. create a video that will be broadcast ‘live’ on the day. Pre-recording helps everyone stick to time and reduces the chances of technical issues. However, you can also opt to present live if that’s what you’re more comfortable with. Q&As, workshops and panel discussions will be live.

If you are presenting alongside slides, the easiest thing is to record via PowerPoint. There is an option to record your slideshow, with your voiceover, then download as a mp4 file. Full instructions are on the Microsoft website.

If you are simply going to be talking to the camera then a smartphone will provide sufficient quality in most cases. Make sure your phone is in landscape mode and on a stand / propped up somewhere steady. An indoor location with soft furnishings will provide the best sound quality.

Although not quite as good quality, another option is to record via Zoom. Simply hold a Zoom meeting by yourself, share your screen and record!

If none of these options are available to you please get in touch so we can help.

Tip for powerpoint recording

  • When in recording mode, you need to stop the recording at the end of each side, then click record again when you have moved to the next slide.
  • Whether you keep your camera on or not during recording is up to you. Another idea could be to include a photo of yourself in your title slide so people know who’s talking

The CrowdComms ‘main stage’ display is 16:9, the same as the default (widescreen) PowerPoint. Videos should ideally be mp4 files but other formats may be acceptable – contact us for advice.

Yes please! Each session will have a brief introduction, but individual talks will run consecutively so let the audience know who you are at the beginning of your presentation.

If you want to show a video e.g. camera trap footage or a mini presentation from an additional contributor, please don’t embed this within your slides. Instead, indicate in your presentation where this should go and send the file separately. Our CrowdComms technician will ensure everything is lined up correctly on the day.

Please send your video files to Gill Hatcher ( no later than Friday 19 November. Trust employees – the best way to send large files is to create a OneDrive folder and share it with Gill (see Mycelium for guidance). If using a service such as WeTransfer to send large files please notify us so we know the link is safe

Prior to the event all registered attendees will be invited to create an account with the CrowdComms platform. Here you can update your speaker profile with a short bio, contact details etc.

If you’re going live (either presenting or taking part in a Q&A): before your session begins the CrowdComms technician will invite you into a Zoom ‘green room’ with the other speakers for your session. The technician will let you know when you’re about to go live.

Each session will have a sidebar with chat and Q&A. When a viewer has a question they will type this into the Q&A bar. It then goes to a moderator (a member of the SSRS team) who will decide whether to make it visible or not. Once visible other viewers can ‘like’ the question to upvote it. Each Q&A session will have a chair (a member of the SSRS team) who will help direct questions to the panel.

We will also have a set of pre-planned questions for each session to ensure no awkward silences!

Yes. Once the programme is finalised our CrowdComms technician will coordinate an online training session for all contributors. They will also provide guidance via email.

The conference site remains accessible to attendees for 30 days for re-watches. This includes people who register and create a CrowdComms account but are not present on the day. After this point we will be supplied with the video files.

We are hoping at least some of the content can then be available on YouTube. If you do not want some or all of your presentation publicly available please let us know.