Help the Solway Forests with your best red squirrel snaps

Group of 6 volunteers standing and sitting under blue marquee behind table with maps on it

  The Solway Forests Red Squirrel Network, one of the newest volunteer networks to emerge in South Scotland, is raising funds and awareness through an amateur photography competition.   Have you taken a red squirrel photograph that you’re particularly proud of? With their fondness for scurrying high amongst the trees, it’s not always easy to […]

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Busy breeding

Red squirrel reaching down towards feeder box full of fluffy nesting material

  By Dr Sarah Garven   It’s about this time of year that many red squirrels set to work on producing a second litter of kits. Guest blogger Dr Sarah Garven gives us an insight into the life of a red squirrel during the busy breeding season.   Spring has made its late but very […]

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Argaty Red Kites celebrate their other star species with a new red squirrel hide

Small red squirrel holding apple slice

  Red squirrels AND red kites? Yes please! We were delighted to hear that a new red squirrel hide will open today at Argaty Red Kites.   Located near Doune in Perthshire, Argaty has managed a red kite feeding station since 1996. Previously persecuted to extinction, these native birds of prey were successfully reintroduced to […]

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An update on the Heathhall squirrelpox outbreak

Original Author: Dr Stephanie Johnstone One month on, Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels believe that the squirrelpox outbreak in Heathhall no longer poses an immediate threat to the local red squirrel population. However, we still need ongoing support from volunteers and the wider community.   Spotting a red squirrel on your morning walk should be something […]

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Invasive Species Week: the road to recovery

The grey squirrel is one of the country’s most widely recognised animals, but not everyone knows that it is a non-native species. As 23 – 29 March is ‘Invasive Species Week’, we reflect on the progress that’s been made in managing and preventing the negative impact of grey squirrels on their native counterparts in Scotland.   […]

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Pine martens: a natural ally

Author: Dr Mel Tonkin A new study has confirmed that Scotland’s recovering pine martens are having a positive effect on red squirrels. Conservationists have long suspected that pine martens could help control the spread of grey squirrels in Scotland, a theory that was bolstered when research conducted in Ireland in 2014 produced very promising results. […]

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