Knowledge Fair – celebrating five years of community action


In December over 100 SSRS volunteers, landowners and other supporters joined us online to celebrate the end of the project’s ‘Developing Community Action‘ phase. The two-day Knowledge Fair featured presentations and panel discussions on all that the project has achieved over the past five years. It was also an opportunity to learn more about the red squirrel conservation work happening across Scotland and beyond; and to look ahead to a future of working together to protect one of Scotland’s most iconic species.

All the presentations and Q&A sessions are now available to watch again on YouTube, including our fantastic film ‘The People Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels, created by Keildih Ewan.






Session 1: Welcome to Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels

PROJECT FILM – The People Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels

The SSRS-Developing Community Action story – Dr Mel Tonkin, Project Manager

SSRS in the North East – Dr Emma Sheehy, Conservation Officer

SSRS in Argyll, the Trossachs & Stirlingshire – Mary-Anne Collis, Conservation Officer

SSRS in Tayside – Ann-Marie MacMaster, Conservation Officer

SSRS in South Scotland – Sarah Cooper, South East Community Engagement Officer

Session Q&A


Session 2: Around the UK

Holding the Red Line in Northern England – Heinz Traut, Red Squirrels Northern England

Northern Ireland update – Katy Bell, Ulster Wildlife Trust

Red squirrel reintroductions in the north of Scotland – Alan McDonnell, Trees for Life

Session Q&A


Session 3: Science and Research

Grey squirrel fertility control progress – Kay Haw, UK Squirrel Accord

Occupancy modelling of squirrel populations in Scotland – Dr Ewan McHenry, Woodland Trust

Mathematical modelling studies to inform red squirrel conservation – Dr Peter Lurz, University of Edinburgh

Spatial ecology of grey squirrels in an urban environment – Devin Fitzpatrick, University of the Highlands and Islands

Pine martens and squirrels – Dr Emma Sheehy, Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels

Session Q&A





Session 1: Celebrating Community Action

Grey squirrel control and the SSRS trap loan scheme – James Kennedy, SSRS Grey Squirrel Officer

Woodland management and the Forestry Grant Scheme – Colin Edwards, Scottish Forestry

Landowner Story: Argaty Red Kites – Mary-Anne Collis, SSRS Conservation Officer

Building a volunteer network in the south of Scotland – Dr Peter Garson, Gatehouse Squirrel Group and John Rae, Save our Squirrels Berwick Group

Session Q&A


Session 2: Looking to the Future

Communicating the SSRS-DCA story – Gill Hatcher, SSRS Communications and Engagement Officer

The Community Hub legacy – Nicole Tipple, SSRS Data officer

Developing Community Action: lessons learned and future needs – Dr Mel Tonkin, SSRS Project Manager

Session Q&A



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