All things invasive with the Scottish Invasive Species Initiative

…a year in Great Britain. Costs are incurred by the agriculture, forestry and horticulture sectors, but also by many other sectors including transport, construction, aquaculture, recreation and utilities. Some invasive species threaten our health or enjoyment of our environment. Rats, house mice and cockroaches are all invasive non-native species that can be serious house pests, and giant hogweed contains a… […]

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The Story of Rusty the Red

…days went by. We began to wean him after a couple of weeks, using reduced sugar Farleys Rusks in kitten milk to start with, then offering a selection of different foods such as pine nuts, hazelnuts, broccoli, and a rat/mouse mix. Twice a week he had a couple of drops of Abidec childrens multivitamin, which he took willingly. He became… […]

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Using camera traps to survey for squirrels

…on the camera! While we do collect pine marten hair regularly (more and more each year, which is great news), we rarely catch them on camera. In this case, it was spotted in a Forestry Commission Scotland woodland, just outside the city of Aberdeen where they had never been recorded previously during our surveys. However, later investigation confirmed that we… […]

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This Year's Sightings