Great Scottish Squirrel Survey

…out our events page for more details.   If you are a member of a community group, wildlife organisation or visitor attraction in Scotland you could help us spread the word or even host your own Great Scottish Squirrel Survey event. You can find out more in our campaign toolkit and contact us to discuss. Campaign toolkit Event poster templates… […]

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Busy breeding

…of factors including availability of food, weather, and body condition. Body weight, closely linked to food abundance, is integral to breeding success; female squirrels must reach a minimum weight to breed (around 280-300g). In areas where food is plentiful, two litters of kittens (or kits) may be born, the first in early spring (Feb/Mar) and the second in summer (May/June)…. […]

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Building a Volunteer Network

insurance. For more information on building and growing your red squirrel network, please read our online guide . I f you live in one of ou r South Scotland priority areas and would like to get involved with an existing red squirrel group, please visit our Network Directory to find one near you.   Giuliana Sinclair Community Engagement Officer Area… […]

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This Year's Sightings