Busy breeding

…of factors including availability of food, weather, and body condition. Body weight, closely linked to food abundance, is integral to breeding success; female squirrels must reach a minimum weight to breed (around 280-300g). In areas where food is plentiful, two litters of kittens (or kits) may be born, the first in early spring (Feb/Mar) and the second in summer (May/June)…. […]

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HRH The Prince of Wales gives special thanks to volunteers on Red Squirrel Appreciation Day

  Today marks Red Squirrel Appreciation Day, a time to celebrate one of our most treasured native species and those that have been working selflessly to protect them. Our conservation efforts would not be possible without the tremendous help of our enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers, and today our gratitude is echoed in an open letter from HRH The Prince of… […]

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Celebrating a red squirrel champion

…social media advocates, community fundraisers, recruiting sergeants, etc. I hope my award inspires others to reflect on their own skills and seek to apply them energetically to red squirrel conservation, or indeed any other activity that helps to save our planet.” As Community Engagement Officer for the South West, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Peter over the… […]

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This Year's Sightings