Red squirrels and biosecurity

…than through competition alone. The red squirrel is both an iconic British species and also a delightful component of the Northern British woodland habitat. Many people are therefore keen to do what they can to help maintain their presence. Feeding stations for red squirrels in gardens and in woodlands are often provided to help the reds compete. In certain areas,… […]

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Award for a Red Squirrel Champion

…Group at   Sarah is the Community Engagement Officer for South West Scotland. If you would like to volunteer your time to help the Kirkcudbright Red Squirrel Group, whether you would like to assist with woodland surveys, administrative work or volunteering your time at events, please get in touch with her on 07342 035332 or by email at […]

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Community action in Galloway

…progress to date has been made easier through the support of Gatehouse Development Initiative and Cream o’Galloway. We have also received small grants from Red Squirrels in South Scotland, the Murray-Usher Foundation and Gatehouse Community Council (Common Good Fund). Whilst we are grateful for this help, our main asset is the enthusiasm and commitment of our growing force of volunteers…. […]

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This Year's Sightings