Adventures at the RSPB Big Nature Festival


Rosie the knitted squirrel had a rare old time at the RSPB Big Nature Festival in Musselburgh this weekend. Here are some of the folks she met along the way…


First up Rosie posed for a piccie with cBeebies presenter Rory Crawford from ‘My Pet and Me’!
Then who should come along but Andy Wightman MSP! He had a good chat with the staff about the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrel project.

Then another TV presenter! This time it was Leah Boleto from BBC Newsround!

And with all these new faces it’s great to bump into an old pal- aye it’s good old Bruce the Beaver! Nice to see him there to promote the wildlife of Argyll- including red squirrels!

Blimey, thirsty work this! Off for a refreshing drink from the lovely folks at Ethical Ales. They help us out by giving a proportion of their sales to help fund our work. 
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