Welcome to the Castle Douglas & District Red Squirrel Group

The Castle Douglas & District Red Squirrel Group are developing a network of active volunteers who are carrying out monitoring, raising public awareness, engaging with local communities and landowners and undertaking grey squirrel control. Our area covers the communities of Castle Douglas, Parton, Springholm, Crocketford, Kirkpatrick Durham, Gelston and everywhere in between!  Red squirrels are still thriving in our area but they are coming under increasing threat from the introduced grey squirrel which outcompetes the red squirrels for food and carries the deadly squirrelpox virus. We are looking for volunteers from all over the district to join our Group, get involved in active conservation and helps us to ensure the future of our iconic red squirrels.

Volunteer Opportunities in Castle Douglas & District

The Castle Douglas & District red squirrel group are looking for volunteers to help with this exciting conservation project in our area.

Spreading the Word (Engagement) Volunteers Needed

Tasks: raising public awareness, engaging with local communities, providing information at events and schools, spreading the word about red squirrels.

Availability: flexible to suit the volunteers.


Grey Squirrel Control Volunteers Needed

Tasks: trapping and humane dispatch of grey squirrels, liaising with other volunteer trappers, record keeping.

Availability: flexible to suit the volunteers.


What’s in it for you: working alongside a great team of staff and volunteers; learning new skills; being part of an exciting local conservation project helping to save an iconic Scottish species. Training, equipment and materials provided and travelling expenses available. 

Interested? Email: redsquirrelscd@gmail.com