The Adventures of Sandy the Squirrel

Original Author: Steve Willis, Project Officer Northeast Scotland

Project Officer Steve enjoys a catch-up with our old friend Sandy the Squirrel.


Project Officer for the Northeast, Steve Willis, went along to the Forestry Commission Scotland’s Easter Eggstravaganza at Roseisle, Moray on Easter Sunday. He caught up with our old pal Sandy the Squirrel.

Steve: Hi Sandy, long time no see! Hows it going?

Sandy: Grand thanks Steve, I’ve had a busy spring what with one thing and another. I’m enjoying the sunshine today!

Steve: Aye it’s a lovely day, who are your pals?

Sandy: Well Steve, these here are not one but two Easter Bunnies! They’re along to help out today.

Steve: That would make sense I suppose. So what you up to today?

Sandy: I’m here in sunny Moray to help you guys at Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels raise awareness about the project and meet as many folk as I can! We red squirrels appreciate your efforts.

Steve: Thanks for the help Sandy, you’re always popular.  Moray’s a great place for red squirrels- loads of conifer woodland and, crucially, no grey squirrels.

Sandy: Too true Steve too true. I hear there are a good few greys in Aberdeen, but that’s a long way from here and I hear there are fewer all the time. Fancy a wee break?

Steve: Great plan Sandy. I’m not sure that cup cakes are all that good for red squirrels though. I’ll take one if you don’t mind.

Sandy: Oh well, pine cones for me.

Steve: Probably best Sandy. What you got there?

Sandy: This is ‘Rosie’, the other SSRS mascot. She’s a knitted squirrel, made by the lovely folks of Deeside Knitwits. She looks amazing, but maybe a wee bit small if you ask me.

Steve: Size isn’t everything Sandy, I think you’re a bit bigger than your average squirrel. Rosie looks grand to me.

Sandy: You could be onto something there Steve. Anyway, I best be off and have a wander around the site and make some more pals. Hope you have a fun day and keep up the good work.

Steve: Always a pleasure Sandy, always a pleasure.

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