Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels

Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels


Black and white or shades of grey?

Grey squirrel on branch (c) Elliott Neep, Paul McDonald, Project Officer for Argyll, the Trossachs and Stirling, explains the science behind grey squirrel control. … read more

The life of a feeder box

Wood Recyclability trainees (c) Wood Recyclability Ltd Many of you will be familiar with the simple (but effective) feeder boxes we use for our surveys of red and grey squirrels - but did you know how they are made? Project Officer for North East Scotland, Steve Willis, explains all. … read more

Feeding 'Belinda' the red squirrel

This fantastic video, shot by Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels supporter Peter Trimming, shows a red squirrel in south Scotland (nicknamed 'Belinda') taking a hazelnut from Peter's hand.

Making tracks

Red squirrel tracks (c) Emma Rawling Winter is a fantastic time to see red squirrel tracks which are hard to see the rest of the year. Emma Rawling, Project Officer for South West Scotland, gives us her top tips for spotting red squirrel tracks. … read more

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Seen a red or grey squirrel recently? Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels needs your help. Please report your squirrel sighting using our dedicated online sightings page. This will help us get a clear picture of red and grey squirrel distribution across Scotland.

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