Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels

Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels


Beechmast and acorns everywhere

Red Squirrel youngster with hazelnuts © Ronnie Stokes A good mast year with lots of nuts around is good news and bad news for red squirrels.  Lots of food means an easier winter but it also means grey squirrels have an easy time too and will have higher breeding success the following year.

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Cross Border Squirrel Symposium

Red Squirrel youngster with hazelnuts © Ronnie Stokes Saving Scotland's Red Squirrel went along to the recent Cross-Border Squirrel Symposium to encourage landowners to take action for Red Squirrels.  The afternoon was full of fascinating talks and information, check out our partners, Scottish Land & Estates, review and links to the day below. … read more

All change..... but business as usual!

Portrait_ With various vacancies appearing within SSRS you could be forgiven for thinking something was up. It's far from the case- just folk retiring, moving on, and moving positions! (Photo: Raymond Leinster) … read more

Two great job opportunities in two of the loveliest parts of Scotland

Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels is looking to fill two Project Officer posts.

The first is a full-time post  in Aberdeenshire, to head up the very successful project there as it moves into an exciting (but challenging) phase.

The second is  a three-days-a-week post based on Loch Lomondside, in a critical area for work to protect Scotland's (and the UK's) most extensive "red-only" squirrel populations covering all the forested land of the Highlands, Grampian, Argyll and northern parts of Stirling and Tayside.

Each post would suit  an experienced countryside worker looking to join a major well established species conservation project.

For more information, follow the link:  .

  • 31st Aug 2016, by Mel Tonkin
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