New threat to Perthshire’s red squirrels as greys reappear in Aberfeldy

…sightings. If you see a grey squirrel in your garden please do not chase it away as this will reduce our chances of catching and removing it.” Squirrel sightings help SSRS understand how red and grey squirrel populations are changing over time and also help project staff monitor the situation on the ground. All sightings can be reported at…. […]

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Grey squirrel control: connecting the dots

…volunteer you’ll have received a copy of this protocol as part of your training, alongside all other essential health & safety documentation. It’s a good idea to look over these regularly, and the easiest way to keep up-to-date is by joining the SSRS Community Hub. There you’ll find all the latest versions of grey squirrel control documentation, as well as… […]

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Studying the life of the urban red squirrel

…radio-tracking, a range of other data have been collected. These have included: monitoring the locations and causes of death in the population through post-mortems; determining habitat quality and availability through seed crop surveys and computer-based mapping; and evaluating the availability and impact of supplemental feeding via a public survey. A radio-collared red squirrel in a handling cone, which helps to… […]

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This Year's Sightings