Help the Solway Forests with your best red squirrel snaps

…there are also many privately-owned woodland plots in between. Despite the threat from grey squirrels the Solway forests are still home to healthy red squirrel populations, attracting tourists and enchanting residents alike. As a result, many locals understand the need to take action to protect them from further decline. The main frontline for grey squirrel incursion in the area is… […]

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Award for a Red Squirrel Champion

…use as a base for their own activities. The hide can hold more than a dozen wildlife-watchers and boasts an ‘infinity pool’; a raised shallow pool which allows photographers to snap charismatic photos of red squirrels around the pool, with their reflection in the water. The squirrels don’t seem to mind all the attention they receive – they happily sit… […]

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Community action in Galloway

…we arrive to do something about it. But if we can keep the greys at bay, and thereby reduce the risk of a pox outbreak, I think we can expect to hold on to our reds for a long time to come. Road sign installed at Cally Woods, an area popular with red squirrels and tourists alike! Community support Our… […]

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This Year's Sightings