Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels



Adventures at the RSPB Big Nature Festival

photo 5 Rosie the knitted squirrel had a rare old time at the RSPB Big Nature Festival in Musselburgh this weekend. Here are some of the folks she met along the way... … read more

Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas squirrel Wishing all our friends and supporters a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016. … read more

How can we reduce road deaths?

13 Red Squirrel (c) Dennis Johnson We field numerous enquiries each year about what we can do to reduce red squirrel casualties on our roads. It's not a simple issue to tackle, but here are our thoughts. Photo:  Dennis Johnson … read more

Rusty's Release!

rusty1 Last month we blogged about the amazing story of Rusty the red squirrel. Found as a tiny kitten, he was taken into the care of two phenomenally dedicated volunteers. They then passed him to the SSPCA who have recently released a healthy fully grown Rusty into the wild. Here are a few photos of him just before he was released. … read more

The Story of Rusty the Red

rusty1 The inspiring story of two very dedicated humans and one very lucky red squirrel kitten. Rescuing and rehabilitating any wild animal is fraught with challenges and red squirrels are no exception. Here is the tail, sorry tale, of Rusty the Red! … read more

Squirrel at Work

UHF RS In these hard economic times, it seems that even young Scottish red squirrels need to take on a second job. Our friend Douglas has sent us a photo of what appears to be a juvenile red squirrel, hard at work, repairing a TV arial! Good luck, little one, but remember to "squirrel away" at least some of your pay... :-D … read more

The Spring Survey

hair_id You may have seen reference to our annual spring survey. Find out more about what's involved, and how the Project Officers go through all the results.   … read more

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