Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels



Winter's Squirrels

Brian Smith_3 Winter is here! What does it all mean for red squirrels? … read more

How can we reduce road deaths?

13 Red Squirrel (c) Dennis Johnson We field numerous enquiries each year about what we can do to reduce red squirrel casualties on our roads. It's not a simple issue to tackle, but here are our thoughts. Photo:  Dennis Johnson … read more

Lovely dreich days in the west!

Food Abundance 1 The sun had to disappear at some point and it just happened to be when I am out and about finding out what food is on offer for the squirrels in my local patch. … read more

Squirrely games at Balmaha this Sunday!

32 Red Squirrel on branch (c) Photograph by Darin Smith Lorna (our volunteer project assistant) has been busy running around events chatting with people about the project. This weekend she will be helping the rangers at Balmaha with their "Nuts about squirrels" event. Come along! … read more

Our scurry has grown!

Newbies We now have a full team of project officers working in strategic locations in Scotland. Here's a little introduction from our newest recruits; Clare McInroy (Argyll, Loch Lomond and the Trossachs) and Kate Thomson (South West).

. … read more

Here comes autumn!

511A0587 As the seasons turn squirrel activity really picks up- read on to find out what our furry friends are up to. … read more

The Story of Rusty the Red

rusty1 The inspiring story of two very dedicated humans and one very lucky red squirrel kitten. Rescuing and rehabilitating any wild animal is fraught with challenges and red squirrels are no exception. Here is the tail, sorry tale, of Rusty the Red! … read more

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