Saving Scotland's Red Squirrels

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Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels Project - Developing Community Action

Developing the Data Management System and Community Hub


Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels – Developing Community Action project aims to secure the long-term future of red squirrels in Scotland by building capacity among communities of volunteers and land managers, empowering them to take on and take ownership of some of the essential protection measures required to save the nation’s red squirrels.

To support this work, we require a new information management system and community hub for staff and volunteers. A comprehensive review of existing data management procedures and future requirements was carried out during the development phase of this project, resulting in a detailed specification for the new system.

We require the development and delivery of this new system, using the specification and review documents as key resources, but also incorporating an agile development framework to ensure a system fit for purpose and to make the most out of this funding opportunity.


We invite tenders for the provision of ‘Developing the Data Management System and Community Hub’ detailed in the Statement of Requirement documentation downloadable from the link below.  Your tender must be received by 5:00PM, Thursday 31 August 2017. It is the responsibility of all suppliers to ensure that their tender response is received no later than the appointed time. We reserve the right to not consider any tenders received after that time.


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Project partners 

Scottish Wildlife Trust Forestry Commission Scottish Land and Estates
Scottish Natural Heritage Red Squirrel Survival Trust RSPBHeritage Lottery Fund